Outpatient COVID-19 Treatment to Prevent Severe Disease

Are you newly diagnosed with COVID-19? Were you sent home without a COVID-19 treatment plan other than to wait until things get worse, hoping for the best? Many people are unaware that COVID-19 can cause permanent damage to our lungs, even without any symptoms.

Finally, there is a comprehensive solution! Our Outpatient COVID-19 Treatment to Prevent Severe Disease protocol details specific instructions for healthcare providers and patients and has served many patients well. This protocol, based on proven, medically-based principles, is quite effective when started early and followed as directed.

We would like you to be proactive in your treatment and keep your condition from getting worse. Below is a detailed video of the protocol and links to the journal article, related articles, and helpful tutorials and documents.

Printable Documents

Tutorial for “The Breather”

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