Our Mission

The mission of the Frohman Foundation: Innovating Precision Care Through Discovery in Molecular Medicine is dedicated to the Five Pillars of Academic Medicine: patient care, education, mentoring, research, and lifelong learning.

patient talking with doctor; patient care

Patient CARE

We promote exceptional, cutting-edge, and unprecedented training, focused on the multidisciplinary management of patients with immune-mediated disorders of the central nervous system. This training is particularly, but certainly not limited to, Multiple Sclerosis.

The Foundation seeks to promote the development of energetic, compassionate and deeply caring physicians and physician-scientists who expertly and optimally serve our deserving patients and their families. These healthcare professionals learn to do this by assembling “Care Teams,” organizing them, and then orchestrating the delivery of multidisciplinary management. This multidisciplinary management is guided by the principles of evidence-based medicine, and clinical practice experience.

medical professionals learning; education

Educated CARE

We place special emphasis upon the crucial importance of articulating the patho-physiologic spectrum of neuro-immunological disorders, and the corresponding and differentiated management strategies. These strategies become more methodical, systematic, and telescoped upon the patho-biological underpinnings for each of the discrete disorders.

older doctor mentoring younger doctor and reviewing an image of the brain

Mentoring to CARE

We seek to promote Precision Medicine Master Clinicians who shall deliver high precision diagnostic and treatment strategies, that will seek to integrate three distinctive yet interactive architectures:

  • The employment of evidence-based medicine principles, where they are available, and appropriate to those we seek to serve and to CARE for.   
  • Underscore the traditional and perpetual utility of “Expert Opinion,” where we lack evidence-based medicine principles to guide us. This, while recognizing that we do NOT have a randomized controlled trial for every diagnostic and therapeutic hypothesis-driven question we seek to operationalize. We utilize this utility as a means to bring clarity, understanding, and ultimately to fulfill the “promise” of “never quit and always try,” recognizing that there shall be times when expert opinion and the formulation of novel hypothesis-driven questions concerning an individual patient’s individualized treatment plan is beyond appropriate.   
  • Promote and encourage Master Clinicians to think outside of the box, particularly when confronted with the most formidably complex challenges that confront even the most experienced physicians.   
microscope; research

Discovering Precision CARE

The Foundation seeks to promote organization of the most innovative research architectures. They join diverse, yet highly collaborative, investigative teams focused upon hypothesis-driven “Discovery” of the biological mechanisms responsible for the development of immune-mediated disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system. Ultimately, these teams promote these laboratory observations to the bedside, in the form of innovative treatment strategies for the eradication of one of the most dangerous and potentially disabling groups of disorders in all of medicine, those that target the human nervous system.

doctor reviewing brain MRI images; lifelong learning

Lifelong Learning to CARE

The Foundation is dedicated to promote and foster life-long learning and further expertise. We are not only dedicated to lifelong learning but also sharing knowledge with the greater medical community.