Our Founders

Our Founders; multiple sclerosis; Frohman

The Frohman Foundation founders, Elliot and Teresa Frohman, spent their adulthood as a powerhouse team, committed to each other and to patient CARE. Their commitment to their patients is unwavering and the care they provide is frequently described as incomparable. In over 30 years of service to the medical community, they conclude the following:

  • In medicine and research, more important than “being right” is knowing how to proceed to “getting it right.”
  • Addressing the most complex of problems, collaboration almost always eclipses egos, competition, and the work of individuals.
  • Great physicians and educators understand that we rarely experience the magnitude of joy and satisfaction of those things we receive when compared to those things we give to others. Teaching is a very powerful example of a unique and influential gift to students. This gift has the legacy value, as the recipients of learning go on to apply their knowledge in their role of caring for others. At the same time, the students are influenced and transformed into educators themselves, who perpetuate the cycle of exuberance and love for learning and teaching.